Thursday, November 27, 2014

The show is on!

The show came on without a hitch Thanksgiving night!  It is all new this year, incorporating new RGB pixels into the show.  This meant all new programming, so we've only got four songs at the moment.  We'll try to add one or two more soon.
What are RGB pixels?  They are strands of lights in which each bulb contains three lights - red, green, and blue.  By varying the intensity of each of the three colors, the bulb is capable of producing any possible color at any given point in time.  And the word "pixel" means each individual light bulb is controlled separately.
So gone are the days where the entire strand comes one and off together, all with the same color.  We can now decide which bulbs to turn on and which to turn off.  And for those that are on, separately control what color each of them are.  This allows for lots of different effects that you'll have to visit to see for yourself!

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